Goodbye 2018

Like many, the end of the year causes me to stop and reflect on the last 365 days and contemplate where I want the next 365 to go. As always, I wasn’t able to complete ALL THE THINGS.  2018 had a way of reminding me to slow down and realize that I’m not in control…. life seems to find ways to derail even the best made plans, but that’s okay! It was during the moments of struggle that I was reminded that I’m stronger than I think I am, and to stop and really consider what’s important, what I care about. And simply, I care about the wellbeing of my family and friends.

It seems, at least to me, as a society, we place so much pressure on ourselves, to do EVERYTHING, forgetting the fact that we are indeed imperfect beings. But, guess what, I’m letting you know, ALL THE THINGS will always be there; there will be a never-ending abundance of them. In fact, if you don’t make time for yourself and your loved ones, those deadlines, those to-do lists, those pressures will eat you up. It will eat up the best parts of you and leave the remnants for your loved ones. That’s not fair to you or your loved ones. So, thank you 2018, for this realization, the realization, to make conscious choices in where I spend my time, and with whom, and to simply do what I can and forget the rest.

So, moving forward into 2019, I’m listing a few of my goals with the mindset that I may not get it all done, but simply to provide a first draft. 🙂  

  • Write more – Start by writing at least 4 blog posts a month.
  • Take at least 4 – long weekends throughout the year with the hubs! It keeps you both refreshed.
    • Visit somewhere new…. perhaps Pacific Northwest.
  • Invest in me – Eat better, work out more, and pray more. This way I can be the best version of myself for me and my loved ones.

If you are making new year plans, don’t get bogged down by the size of some of your plans, take it one step at a time…. the biggest step is just having the courage to start.

With that, I pray you have a safe and Happy New Year! Welcome 2019.

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